Veneers are thin, tooth colored porcelain shells that can be bonded to the front side of the tooth to improve its appearance and aesthetics.

They are a more conservative treatment than crowns and a lesser amount of the natural tooth structure is removed for the veneer to be fitted. Veneers are an excellent option for treating chipped, discolored, misaligned or misshaped teeth, or if there are gaps between the teeth that wish to be closed off. Veneers are most commonly used on front teeth and are a part of cosmetic dental care.

Veneers usually take two appointments to be completed. On the first appointment the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing a thin layer of the enamel to allow room for the veneer to be glued into place later. Following this an impression is taken which is sent to our dental lab to manufacture the veneers based on our dentists specification.

On the second appointment the veneer is tried on the tooth to make sure that it fits on the tooth properly and that the shape and the color matches your natural teeth. If both the dentist and the patient are happy with the results the veneer is then cemented permanently onto your teeth.

Caring for your veneers:

If you want your veneer to last longer, they must be taken care of by regular check-ups with the dentist who fitted them, proper oral hygiene, regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing after meals. Unlike crowns and bridges, veneers are more prone to breakage if you bite on hard food or objects.