Our Team

Our team has been working in Epping for the last 20 years providing quality dental health care. We will work to ensure that your visit to our surgery is as comfortable as possible and that you receive the most advanced treatments available from our very professional, qualified and friendly staff.

You can rest assured that our team will guide you smoothly through to a new and wonderful world of no tooth pain and dreamy, white smiles. With our longstanding reputation in Epping you can be confident that you are visiting a dental surgery you can trust. Our only concern is providing the best care and service for its patients.

Zaklina Petrovska
Principal Dentist

Sharon Chui

Silvana Veselinova
Senior Dental Assistant

Marija Petrovska
Practice Manager

Sanela Sazimonaska
Receptionist/Senior Dental Nurse

Veronika Petrovska
Marketing Manager

Alexander Andrevski
Advanced Dental Technician