Emergency Dentist in Epping

Having a toothache? Or have you a tooth infection? Cracked tooth? Has someone knocked out your teeth? We understand that dental problems can be really painful and uncomfortable and situations like these require immediate attention. Here at Dento Mak, we will help you and provide quick remedy. Any dental problems, just contact us and get rid of it.

How Soon Can I Meet a Dentist if I have a Dental Emergency?

Our dental team is very caring and friendly. They can give you advice through the phone and you can even book an emergency appointment with them. If you are in pain and would like to visit us during our working hours, in most cases we will see you immediately or within few hours. Your visit will help us identify the problem clearly and we will treat it to relieve you of pain. Restorative treatment is provided at a follow-up appointment.

Tooth infection

Tooth pain is mostly caused because of a tooth infection, if your tooth is cracked, or you have a leaky filling or a cavity, it becomes easy for bacteria to get into your tooth and cause infection in the pulp which is in the centre of the tooth.

Sometimes when you get a toothache, you may have red and swollen gum around the tooth. There are also chances that you might have a bad breath or a horrible taste.

Root Canal Treatment for a Tooth Infection

To treat a tooth infection, you will need a root canal treatment. If you are being afraid of the treatment, don’t be. There will be a little pain in it but after the treatment, you will feel very comfortable. The cavity will be filled with a filling or a crown that will preserve it as well as protect it. This treatment will save your infected tooth and there will be no need to remove it. Here, at Dento Mak, we do everything that is possible to save your teeth and option of removing a tooth is kept for the last.

What to Do if Your Tooth is Knocked Out

If your tooth is knocked out, no need to be worried as it can be re-implanted successfully. Wash the tooth and try to insert it yourself. But we will recommend you to store the tooth in a container with plain water, a little milk or saliva and immediately come to our dental practice. But be cautious as this need to be done within half an hour to an hour. Please do not reinsert a milk tooth knocked out of your child as it can cause damage to the adult tooth.

When to Seek Immediate Dental or Medical Care

If you are having a fever, facial swelling, or you are not feeling well, this might be due to a very bad tooth infection. You should seek instantly for dental or medical care as it can affect your health. You should contact Dento Mak if you have any dental emergency. We will provide good dental care that will benefit your dental health and smile.