Check up and Clean

Regular dental check-ups are vital to maintaining good oral health. A check up enables us to assess your complete oral health for early signs of and diseases, whether that may be on the soft tissues, gums or teeth.

It is important that check-ups are conducted regularly so that we can act on any signs of disease before they become a major problem and extensive/expensive treatment is necessary.

Regular cleans otherwise also known as scale and clean is also an essential component to maintaining good oral health for your gums and teeth. The cleaning process leaves your teeth clean of stains that set on your teeth from things such as coffee, red wine and cigarettes, leaving you with a brighter and healthier looking smile.

But not only this, during a clean hard and soft calcified deposits that form on teeth are removed. If these deposits are not removed in time, they become something known as calculus – which contains disease carrying bacteria that can cause tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.

This is referred to as periodontal disease and if it is left untreated can cause the gums in your mouth to receded exposing the roots of your teeth. This results in irreversible damage that may lead to your teeth to becoming loose and could result in the loss of your teeth.